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The Co-operative Life

Discover how The Co-operative Life reached their full potential in HR processes through using ELMO HR Software.

The Challenges

Old-fashioned and unsophisticated HR processes due to the absence of a HRIS

Performance appraisals were completed on paper, which compromised professionalism and efficiency

Compliance and training needs were challenging to meet due to the lack of a learning management system

One obstacle that was holding The Co-operative Life back from reaching its full potential was old-fashioned and inefficient HR processes.

Kseniya Ivanchyk, People and Culture Generalist at The Co-operative Life, explains how the need to modernise processes was clear. “The biggest challenge was the absence of any systems in-house – there was no HRIS [Human Resources Information System] whatsoever,” says Ivanchyk. “It wasn’t very modern.”

The Co-operative Life also had specific people-related challenges to address, which were made harder due to the lack of dedicated software to facilitate streamlined processes. For example, without performance management software, performance appraisals and manager-employee check-ins were recorded manually, on paper.

In addition, being a not-for-profit organisation within the aged care and NDIS area meant there are certain compliance-related requirements and routine audits to participate in. However, without a learning management module, the organisation lacked easy access to crucial industry-specific training.

The Benefits

Ability to efficiently gather and measure workforce sentiment via ELMO Survey

Access to a wide variety of technical and industry-specific professional development courses to help the organisation meet compliance requirements

Reduction of manual processing due to modernising HR processes, resulting in more efficiency and professionalism

The best thing about ELMO is their responsiveness, professionalism, approachability and ability – this is something I would like to personally thank them for!
Kseniya Ivanchyk
People and Culture Generalist at The Co-operative Life

For Ivanchyk, the partnership with ELMO has been a great success. The Co-operative Life was able to launch HR Core in a short timeframe, enabling Ivanchyk to fulfil her mission of modernising the organisation’s HR function.

Through ELMO Survey, measuring workforce sentiment is now easy. The Co-operative Life was able to receive feedback from employees about their satisfaction with organisational processes. “We rolled out the survey and were pushy, giving the workforce a short time to respond,” explains Ivanchyk. “We received good feedback from the workforce – 40% of our workforce responded within the timeline and more than 80% across the board showed a positive result that the staff are generally happy with the HR services.” Ivanchyk was pleased with how the survey showed the organisation was on the right track.

Ivanchyk considers the partnership between ELMO and The Co-operative Life to be a successful match. “The ELMO team has been very responsive, and that starts with the business development manager with whom we finalised the contract, the level of cooperation with me and the rest of the team, and the consultant who picked up our enquiries,” explains Ivanchyk. “For me, being a fast operator, the best thing about ELMO is their responsiveness, professionalism, approachability and ability – this is something I would like to personally thank them for!”

Ivanchyk was particularly impressed by the support she received during the implementation process. “[The implementation team] has been extremely supportive,” she says. “They were very responsive, there were no delays whatsoever, and they went above and beyond our expectations.”

Ivanchyk is excited about what’s in store: “I am very positive that this is not the end – we have a bright future with ELMO!”