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IT and Technology

Secure HR solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing tech stack.

How can ELMO help you?

Your data kept safe

ELMO’s ISO 270001-certified platform locks your data up tight, and is tested across all parts of the business every year. We maintain best-in-breed security competencies, and all ELMO employees are required to have a firm understanding of information security to keep your organisation safe.

SSO (single sign on) alignment

ELMO solutions integrate with your SSO provider, ensuring your employees can easily interact with our systems and access all of the Employee Self Service, workflows and approvals features they need, without the need for IT support. Your IT professionals are freed from mundane password and lockout issues, and you minimise time lost waiting for assistance, double entering of data, and outdated procedures.

Headache-free audits

ELMO protects your sensitive data, while giving you access to all the powerful technology, data, analytics and support you need. Real-time reporting means your tech workforce can stay on top of ongoing audits and certification processes easily.

SSO (single sign-on)

SSO means a simpler, safer and more efficient password management. Only one log-in per day per user means one set of credentials, reducing the number of attack surfaces, and making it easy to deactivate employees if they leave. It also means fewer calls to IT for log-in problems, so your IT professionals have more time for critical tasks.

HR Core

Certified ISO HR solutions with configurable Employee Self Service, built-in analytics and dashboards. Digitised and automated HR operations and powerful instant reporting mean HR and employees can self-serve without the need for IT assistance.


IT and data security refers to software’s ability to protect the data that customers enter into it. And how advanced the technology aspect of the software is.

IT experts and security professionals create these protections in the foundations of software products. They’re also aware it must be user friendly for a business’s general workforce.

ISO compliance and data security makes sure an organisation’s customer and employee data is safe and secure.

Major data breaches damage a business’s reputation which leads to a loss of customers and high business costs to rectify the situation.