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Take your construction organisation to the next level, with an empowered workforce backed by ELMO’s powerful data, analytics, technology and support.

How can ELMO help you?

Automated compliance tracking and safety solutions

Industry compliance and prioritising safety are non-negotiables in the construction industry. ELMO’s solutions automate your compliance tracking, incident reporting, and safety training modules to help you maintain a safe and compliant workplace at all times.

Optimise your recruitment and onboarding

Top front-line talent is vital to your success in the construction sector. ELMO’s solutions help automate your attraction, recruitment and onboarding processes seamlessly. We reduce the admin and friction in the process, so you can focus on the human side of building your skilled and dedicated workforce.

Efficient payroll management

With the construction industry’s mix of permanent and temporary workers, each with a different pay structure, ELMO’s HRIS (human resources information system) simplifies your payroll process. Ensure that different pay rates, overtime and project-specific allowances are calculated accurately every time, without the need for manual handling.

HR Core

Centralise your people management and empower your employees and managers to review and update their own personal data – any time, and on any device. Employees can easily request and manage leave, and managers can easily approve and have a complete view of their team at any time with HR Core’s dashboards and analytics.


Build a hardy construction company with ELMO Recruitment. Streamline your recruitment process with tools designed for sourcing skilled labour, assessing project-specific qualifications, and efficiently managing candidate pipelines.



Once you’ve found the right talent, our platform seamlessly transitions into the onboarding phase. From electronic document management to safety training and compliance tracking, ELMO helps move your candidates through the onboarding process without the need for extra admin. Ensure your new hires hit the ground running with a structured onboarding process that aligns with construction industry regulations and project requirements.


Empower your construction workforce with our tailored Learning ManagementSystem (LMS), designed to meet the unique challenges of the construction industry. Our LMS goes beyond traditional training, offering a centralised platform to deliver, track, and manage construction-specific courses and certifications. Ensure you’re always staying compliant with industry regulations, enhance safety training, and boost skill development effortlessly. With mobile accessibility, real-time progress tracking, and interactive content, our LMS becomes your go-to strategic tool to upskill your teams, reduce downtime, and drive project success. Transform your construction workforce into a well-trained, high-performing team with ELMO’s specialised LMS.


HB V2 – Construction payroll software means that industry specific elements are built. Factors allowed for the payroll needs for temporary and permanent staff, recruitment needs (to attract, recruit, employ and onboard) and to manage compliance and safety training needs.

complex compliance reports and applying new safety training needs.

It also helps to simplify the recruitment process. From running job advertisements through the application process, down to employment contracts then onboarding.

Construction payroll software improves efficiency along the recruitment processes, in tracking to industry compliance, ensuring safety training needs and completing accurate payroll every time.