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Elevate your educational institution’s efficiency, boost collaboration, and lead with strategic HR decisions with ELMO’s tailored HRIS (human resources information solution). Automate tedious paperwork, and simplify recruitment, attendance tracking, and performance management.

Why choose ELMO?

ELMO understands the education industry can be complex and demanding. We’ve helped many educational institutions to recruit, onboard, and develop their teaching staff, admin team, and coaches.

How can ELMO help you?

Everyone’s data in one platform

Centralise employee records and save valuable admin time. Allow your employees to take control of their personal information, contact details, qualifications and certificates, and employment history – and store it all in one centralised, secure platform.

Automate and save time

Free up your admin staff and reduce the risk of errors or time delays by allowing ELMO to digitally manage leave requests and approvals, track sick leave and holiday time, and any other role-related leave.

Data driven decisions

ELMO’s advanced data analytics and reporting tools remove the guesswork and help guide your decision making. Use ELMO’s reports to identify your educational institution’s HR trends, find areas to improve, and make strategic decisions focused on your students and community.

HR Core with leave management

Centralise your people management and empower your employees and managers to review and update their own personal data, any time, and on any device. Employees can request leave and other activities, and managers can approve, as well as having a complete view of their team, enabling them to make informed decisions by leveraging team analytics and dashboards.


ELMO’s industry-specific recruitment solutions help you attract, retain and onboard top talent for your educational institution. All recruitment actions are managed in one place, from job ads and applications to offers and employment contracts. Our simple to use platform saves time and cost-to-hire.



ELMO Onboarding seamlessly integrates with Recruitment, ensuring a smooth transition from accepting a job to providing the required data, meeting the team, and ensuring required training is completed – all before the first day – minimising time-to-productivity and ensuring a stellar first impression.


Provide industry training and development for teachers and non-teachers alike. ELMO’s learning management solutions (LMS) help you to track CPD (continuous professional development), keep employee skills relevant, and your workplace compliant. Improve employee engagement, develop your people, and close critical skills gaps with a digital learning solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Payroll solutions for government and education mean that the software was designed for the industry’s unique needs.

For example, to recruit and onboard skilled teachers, to store certificates, qualifications, employment history, and compliance requirements. These are unique to the education sector.

Payroll and HR solutions for government and education save the school staff time spent on manual data entry, tracking staff training and development, compliance records, and it makes recruitment easier.

This reduces costs spent on recruitment, time spent on manual tasks, and improves efficiency so the team has time to improve other areas of the school or university’s administration.