HR Compliance

Achieving HR compliance is simple with ELMO’s thorough record-keeping and data security.

How can ELMO help you?

Reduce legal risk

Eliminate non-compliance with National Employment Standards and the risk of costly legal action.

Enhance efficiency

ELMO stores and tracks all your HR compliance information in one place, so you can access records easily when you need them.

Stay up-to-date

ELMO continually checks and updates Australian and New Zealand legislation so you can adapt quickly with new compliant policies and procedures.

All of the administrative processes we have in place are now quicker thanks to ELMO. As a sole HR manager in a 200-strong organisation, it really is like having another team member.
Emma Liston
Human Resources Manager at Lipman

Achieving HR compliance is easy

ELMO compliance features take the guesswork out of risk management and employment law.

Interactive learning

ELMO’s LMS (Learning Management System) keeps your team on track by alerting them and you to any mandatory training requirements to ensure they understand how to comply with relevant policies, and the consequences if they breach them. And the continually updated Course Library offers a broad range of courses and assessments you can use off the shelf, or customise for your unique requirements.

Easy onboarding

Ensure all new hires have a smooth onboarding experience. ELMO compliance automates the process of ensuring new employees review and acknowledge their awareness and understanding of your workplace policies. Checking compliance boxes right from day one is another way ELMO helps create a positive onboarding experience for new hires.

Reliable reporting

Keeping core employee records up-to-date is crucial to help maintain your organisation’s documentation and to ensure fairness and compliance. ELMO compliance is an easy way to keep centralised records, available at the touch of a button.


HR compliance ensures your business follows and adheres to your country’s employment law standards (in Australia, this is called the National Employment Standards). For example, creating and implementing policies and procedures, and ensuring employees receive appropriate training to understand the guidelines, and what is required of them.

ELMO’s all-in-one platform for training, onboarding, and reporting keeps your team updated on legislative changes, ensures compliance, saves time and reduces risk for your organisation.

Usually the domain of the HR team, HR compliance can extend to executives, decision-makers, and anyone directing employees to HR-related documents. ELMO makes these responsibilities easier.