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Simplifying Onboarding

Give your new hire an experience they’ll remember for the right reasons, with layered, customisable Onboarding solutions.

Why choose ELMO Onboarding?

Get new starters up to speed quickly and supercharge your company’s productivity with a solution that automates and elevates your onboarding process.

Onboarding Program

How can ELMO help you?

Reduce time-to-productivity

Eliminate paperwork and get your new hires started straight away with configurable electronic forms, a document upload facility, and integration with the ATO and third parties  – creating a strong first impression, and speeding up time to productivity.

East-to-find essentials

Give your new starters all the information and tools they need in their own personalised onboarding portal before they even start, so they’re prepped and ready to contribute to the team from day one.

Detailed progress tracking

Keep tabs on your new hires’ progress with comprehensive real-time reporting on their onboarding progress, so you can give them the support they need, when they need it.

Now with ELMO, we’ve been able to go digital with onboarding. At the click of a button, a candidate receives all the information they need, and they send it back to us the same way – which has been great for the candidate experience.
Toby Goor
Human Resources Lead at Linear Clinical Research

Deliver a positive first impression

ELMO Onboarding simplifies the process, reducing the possibility for hold-ups and frustrations, and ensuring your new starters maintain their excitement to join your team.

Digital onboarding

Give your new hires quick and easy access to company systems, and the ability to send and receive vital information at the click of a button, so they can hit the ground running.

Integrated recruitment and onboarding

ELMO’s Integrated Recruitment and Onboarding system moves successful candidates from the application stage straight to the employee onboarding process in seconds.

Increase visibility and reporting

Easily create insightful and meaningful reports that can be filtered, shared, and aggregated into dashboard charts to gain visualised insights about your workforce and their onboarding journey.


ELMO’s onboarding solutions provide a smooth and efficient experience for new hires by streamlining the flow of vital information, introducing their team, company culture, and role expectations.  ELMO understands the challenges faced by new hires, and the importance of a positive first impression, so we automate the learning process and ensure effective contribution from day one.

ELMO’s integrated recruitment and onboarding system streamlines the transition from candidate to employee in a matter of seconds. This approach allows your organisation to unleash its full potential, using software, automation, analytics, intelligence, and partner expertise to create a recruitment and onboarding experience that creates a positive first impression and reduces time to productivity. The comprehensive, end-to-end process starts with job posting, applicant tracking, and interviews. Once an offer is accepted, ELMO automates onboarding tasks, such as sending welcome packages, sharing important company documentation, ATO forms, and any relevant training.

ELMO’s HR Core serves as the backbone of your enhanced employee onboarding experience by automating tasks, such as tracking employee details, attendance, and leave, and allowing for easy visibility across the organisation.