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Managing Employee Performance

ELMO simplifies your entire employee performance process so it’s easy to keep your team productive and motivated, from hire to retire.

Why choose ELMO Performance?

LMO performance management software is an invaluable way to retain employees, identify flight risks, determine skills gaps of high-potential employees, and plan successful successions – ensuring a strong team with a focus on future growth.

How can ELMO help you?

Align your team with the corporate strategy

Ensure teams are aligned with your organisation’s performance goals, and that every employee understands their role in the corporate strategy. Plus, managers can easily access valuable insights into the development needs of each team member, and schedule training accordingly.

Mitigate turnover risks

Identify your top performers and their turnover risk with ELMO’s sophisticated analytics. You can then put strategies in place, including offering professional development that aligns with individual career goals, to mitigate this risk and reduce regrettable loss.

Comprehensive reporting and insights

Empower managers to unleash the full impact of HR within their teams by using data and analytics to assess employee progress throughout their performance cycle, and take an organisational-wide view of performance to identify key areas for action.

Automated performance management

An intuitive system that harnesses the power of software automation, analytics, intelligence, and partner expertise throughout the entire performance management process to identify opportunities for growth, development planning, objectives, and a behavioural competency library.

Succession management made easy

A data-driven process to identify and develop new leaders to replace existing leaders when they leave or retire.

One-stop remuneration

Handle, track and optimise all your employees’ compensation structures in a centralised platform.

Motivation through rewards and recognition

Foster a culture of appreciation and motivate your team with automated awards and recognition.


ELMO Performance Management software is a digital solution automating  the employee performance management process from goal setting and performance tracking to feedback and development planning.

It’s important to consider features such as goal setting and tracking, performance appraisal and review, feedback and coaching, employee development planning and reporting, and analytics.

ELMO’s Performance Management software helps businesses align employee goals with company objectives, provide regular feedback and coaching, identify skill gaps and improve employee performance and engagement.