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Succession Planning Software

Secure a premium talent pipeline for key business positions. Create future leaders from today’s top performers, and ensure business continuity.

Flexible and scalable

We can cater to your organisation’s level of maturity and will scale with you as your organisation evolves and/or your needs change.

End-to-end HR solutions, from hire to retire

ELMO is configurable to the specific needs of your business, spanning across the entire employee lifecycle.

Local support round the clock

We have teams across multiple regions with deep local marketplace knowledge to support your needs. Help is there for you when you need it.

Your workforce at a glance

Easily filter and sort employees based on their criticality, readiness, flight risk potential and performance ratings for future succession development.

  • Strategic Talent Filtering
  • Succession Planning Readiness

Intuitive reports and analytic

Uncover trends and plan effectively with our comprehensive reporting tools, which have been engineered to help you make informed, data-driven decisions that remove the guesswork from driving success.

  • Insightful Trend Analysis
  • Data-Driven Decision Support

Employee career progression

Manage talent pools to identify the strength of your overall succession plan. With ELMO’s customisable questionnaire, you can collect important insights on your team’s career aspirations, and hold information on their career preferences that ultimately feeds into your talent pool suggestions.

  • Tailored Talent Insights
  • Strengthened Succession Strategies

Manage succession plans

Create and manage succession plans for any position, to be prepared for anything across your organisation.

Empower employees to take charge

Give employees the power to develop their career goals, and provide clear, actionable steps to help them achieve them.

Identify critical positions

Reduce staff turnover and business disruption by identifying flight risks early, and taking proactive steps to re-engage employees before it’s too late.

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Succession management software is HR software designed to help an organisation plan for the transition of leadership positions. It provides tools to identify high-potential employees, create development plans for those employees, and track their progress over time.

This helps organisations better prepare for leadership transitions, reduce the risk of losing key talent, and improve the impact of their leadership development programs.

Succession management is the process of identifying and developing employees who have the potential to fill key leadership positions within an organisation in the future.

Succession management is important because it helps organisations ensure they have a pipeline of talented and qualified individuals who can step into leadership roles when needed. A critical planning element for long-term success and viability.