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ELMO Training and Development

Set your team up for success with training and development tailored for their needs.

Why choose ELMO?

With ELMO’s custom training and development options, you don’t just get a training program; you get a game-changing learning experience that propels your organisation towards success. Empower your team today with the skills they need to harness the power of ELMO!

Choose between 3 diverse yet powerful learning and development approaches


For organisations with sufficient internal resources, ELMO’s Accelerate model provides all the essential guidance and support required to roll out the ELMO HRIS (human resources information system) Solution through best practice templates and self configuration.


ELMO’s Empower model adopts best practice templates and facilitated configuration to ensure successful implementation of the ELMO solution.


Prefer a more hands-on approach from our expert team? Opt for our Illuminate model, with a dedicated Project Manager and Professional Services consultant who will take the lead, working hand-in-hand with your business to ensure a seamless and efficient ELMO integration.

ELMO’s 3-phase research-backed approach to learning

Phase 1 – Core HR skills

With the Empower or Illuminate packages, you have access to our facilitated configuration classes. The Training team takes you through critical skills and knowledge for each of the four core HR modules: Survey, Wellbeing, Payroll, and HR Core.

Phase 2 – Online Academy

Every ELMO client can tap into our online Academy to easily learn all aspects of ELMO functionality and assess learning. We use both self-paced video tutorials and e-learning modules to provide just-in-time, access to anywhere learning.

Phase 3 – Workshop learning

After your core skills are established, ELMO’s Accelerate customers can attend ePractical training, online or in person. These facilitated, small group workshops help you to apply your skills and knowledge in a safe environment.

Want a tailored solution?

ELMO’s custom onsite training is available across Australia, and is scoped individually to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Get in touch with our Account Managers for a free consultation and quote.

Coming in 2024!

We’re developing a robust suite of end-user training that will benefit all employees of ELMO customers. Watch this space!


Software solutions are often multi-layered and can achieve a multitude of functions that help business operations. Yet many software end users are not aware of the many functions and how to operate them.

Training and development is important for users to get the most out of the software package to refine their operations and tasks.

Investing in software training and development helps to achieve a faster ROI for the software investment.

Leading the knowledge management of your workforce will improve their confidence in tool functionality, leading to cost savings, and enhanced operations.