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Health, pharmaceuticals, and aged care

Automate time-consuming paperwork and capture your workforce’s qualifications and certificates. Through powerful technology, data, analytics and support, ELMO’s solutions will elevate your efficiency and decrease your compliance risk.

How can ELMO help you?

Compliance and licence management

Easily monitor your healthcare organisation’s compliance and licence requirements, and be notified when they’re expiring, with ELMO’s specifically designed industry software.

Train and upskill your workforce

ELMO’s user-friendly solutions keep track of compliance requirements and training records, helping you keep on top of employee’s development and learning plans. Use data to identify your most valuable employees and ensure they’re staying engaged with upskilling and training opportunities.

Professional onboarding

In the unique field of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and aged care, organisations often have multiple roles to onboard or crossboard all at once. ELMO’s intuitive software saves you time and ensures correct data is captured for each employee, reducing admin and creating a smooth and positive first impression for your new hires.

HR Core

ELMO’s certified ISO HR healthcare software removes the need for tedious paperwork as it digitises and automates your HR operations. Know your employee records are always up to date by empowering staff to maintain their own data, and run a range of custom reports in seconds.


Harness the power of HR data and analytics software to remove the guesswork, improve your organisation’s strategic decision-making and drive organisational success.


Keep your employee skills relevant to current healthcare practices and your organisation compliant, with an online learning management system (LMS) that’s equipped to meet the needs of the modern healthcare worker, and your organisation. Improve employee engagement, develop your people, and close critical skills gaps with a digital learning solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Give your new hires the best possible start, and make first impressions count. ELMO Onboarding helps eliminate paperwork, while improving the employee experience and productivity from day one. Get new starters up to speed quickly and supercharge your company’s productivity with a solution that automates and elevates your onboarding process.


Payroll software for the healthcare industry means it’s designed to solve industry specific challenges. From streamlining recruitment and onboarding, centralising data, tracking against compliance requirements and identifying training and upskilling needs.

Payroll software designed for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries helps by reducing employment related costs, improving efficiency for HR professionals, and ensures that the organisation meets vital compliance requirements.