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HRIS Data Security

Leading data security to keep your people and data safe

How can ELMO help you?

ISO 27001 Certification

As part of our commitment to security we’ve achieved ISO compliance and this is tested across all part of the business every year.

Secure engineering principles

Security is baked into the very way that we work and is designed into our software systems from the earliest development opportunity.

Ready for tomorrow’s world

Our team are always on the forefront ensuring our platforms are up to date with local legislation and preparing for what’s next.

Secure engineering principles

We use secure engineering principles to build services, architecture, software and systems. Security principles are designed into our software systems from the earliest development opportunity.

These principles are:

  • Separation of Concerns
  • Defence in Depth
  • Access Control
  • Management of Dependencies
  • New Technologies and Architectural Designs
  • No Longer Supported (End of Life) Technologies
  • Encryption
  • Supporting Privacy Principles


Uninterrupted Access to Systems

As a SaaS provider, uninterrupted access to our systems is codified in our availability service level of 99.5% uptime. Our infrastructure incorporates both resiliency and redundancy, our software development lifecycle is strictly controlled and managed, backup and restore procedures are tested on a regular basis.

Best of Breed Security Competencies

We ensure personal information is kept secure against sophisticated attacks, with regulatory and operational requirements in mind. Key engineers have an understanding both the most common web site vulnerabilities (OWASP) and the ways in which an attack can progress through a system to extract information (MITRE ATT&CK).

  • Built with a security-first mindset
  • Secure coding principles and techniques
  • Advances staff understanding of Information Security Policy.

Supplier Management

ELMO maintains strong relationships with suppliers. Our key suppliers such as our hosting providers AWS Australia and Azure have been selected for the breadth and depth of their security credentials. But all of our suppliers are important to us, each undergoes proper due diligence and thorough vetting prior to engagement including a risk analysis prior to establishing a formal relationship.

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