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Remuneration Software

Streamline and automate your organisation’s salary review process.

Flexible and scalable

We can cater to your organisation’s level of maturity and will scale with you as your organisation evolves and/or your needs change.

End-to-end HR solutions, from hire to retire

ELMO is configurable to the specific needs of your business, spanning across the entire employee lifecycle.

Local support round the clock

We have teams across multiple regions with deep local marketplace knowledge to support your needs. Help is there for you when you need it.

Streamline processes

Seamlessly manage complex remuneration structures, including discretionary bonuses or intricate short-term incentive and long-term incentive plans. Identify bottlenecks, with clear visibility of the entire remuneration process.

  • Simplified Data Transfers
  • Manage complex and multiple remuneration structures

Rule-based modelling

Automate the process with rules-based controls, reducing bias and aligning decision-makers with your key remuneration incentives. Decision makers can easily generate accurate and authorised remuneration letters for distribution.

  • Rules-Based Policy Management
  • Automated Letter Production

Real-time reporting

Access comprehensive reports in real time for all roles within your organisation. Empower managers and employees with approval and moderation controls, accompanied by real-time budget impact reporting. Analyse the gender pay gap across your organisation.

  • Gender Pay Gap Template
  • Dynamic, Custom Reporting
  • Strategic Matrix Modelling

No more spreadsheets

Easily manage end-to-end remuneration allocation, and enjoy a simple and transparent approval process.

Empowered managers

Your managers are given the tools to make more informed and consistent decisions, empowering them to drive effective remuneration outcomes.

Real-time, customised reporting

ELMO Remuneration is designed to make sure your reporting is accurate, so you can better understand your remuneration data and make informed HR decisions.

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Remuneration software enables users to manage and streamline their compensation programs, including payroll, bonuses, benefits, and other forms of employee compensation.

By using remuneration software, organisations can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and transparency of their compensation programs, while reducing the risk of errors and non-compliance.

ELMO Remuneration is gender and diversity agnostic which means it will make recommendations based on components such as performance and Compa Ratio. This can help to remove the conscious or unconscious bias that can impact remuneration decisions.

The system can also help users to conduct a gender pay gap audit and spot trends within their remuneration data.