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SilverChef Rentals

Discover how Silverchef is ensuring a consistent employee experience by implementing ELMO Software’s integrated suite.

The Challenges

Need for scalable talent management platforms to grow with the company

Desire for consistent employee experience regardless of geographic location

As a growing business, SilverChef Rentals identified the need to create a consistent employee experience no matter where workers were based.

Having never previously had a digital people platform, SilverChef Rentals also recognised the need to have a scalable platform that could evolve and expand along with the business.

“We’re a growing business so we wanted to create a people platform that would help us grow the capability of our people, but was also scalable into different geographic locations, giving us the confidence that when we started someone in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, they would have the same experience with our brand and our purpose,” says Amanda Tye, Head of People and Culture, at SilverChef Rentals.

The Benefits

Improved employee engagement with flexible online learning options

More performance-related conversations occurring

ELMO had the flexibility that we needed at the right price point. We were able to create a really unique solution for SilverChef.
Amanda Tye
Head of People and Culture at SilverChef Rentals

Apart from a discontinued recruitment system, SilverChef had never had a digital people platform before, so it was essentially starting from scratch in terms of technology implementation.

Tye reports that the ELMO modules have been well received by employees.

“We’ve had great engagement from our employees,” she says. “We’re seeing them jump in and complete online Learning modules and engage in their monthly one-on-one conversations through the Performance module, which is great to see.”

She adds that she would recommend ELMO to others. “It definitely has the flexibility we needed at the right price point. We were able to create a really unique solution for SilverChef.”