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Empowering Learning & Development in Local Government: ELMO Software’s impact on Melton City Council.

The Challenges

The People and Culture team relied on spreadsheets and outdated systems to manage organisational learning initiatives

Training registration forms had to be completed and processed manually

Training calendars were difficult to manage and not user-friendly

The main obstacle holding back the People and Culture team from reaping the full benefits of their learning initiatives was the use of manual, spreadsheet-heavy processes.

“There were not enough people to do what we needed to do,” the L&D Officer says. “We were running spreadsheets and old-school registration forms – it was very clunky.”

At the start of each financial year, the L&D Officer and her team develop a yearly corporate training calendar and a leadership training calendar, consisting of numerous learning initiatives that staff can opt-in for across the coming year. In the past, staff were required to select sessions and dates via registration forms, which the People and Culture team had to process manually. “That’s 2,000 registration forms at the start of each year that needed be to be processed manually,” she says. “It was a waste of time and a waste of resources.”

The process was unnecessarily laborious for staff. “As frustrating as it was for us, it was frustrating for our staff to have to go through such a rigorous process just to attend a training session,” she says. The desire for a streamlined and intuitive system was felt by the entire organisation.

The Benefits

Implementation of a learning management system to encourage staff to achieve corporate and leadership training goals

Flexibility in course creation with the use of Course Library and Course Builder

Significant time and resource savings due to training registrations and calendar notifications being managed through the ELMO system

Improved staff training registration process and calendar management

Greater community engagement within the organisation’s learning space

The best thing that we’ve found about ELMO so far, which has honestly changed our lives, is the ability to set up the entire training calendar on ELMO. All the courses are created there and we don’t have any manual processing!
Learning and Development Officer at Melton City Council

The L&D Officer has been incredibly impressed with the difference ELMO has made to her team’s productivity in a short amount of time. Within just two months of implementation, the headache of having to manually process documents has gone, and the team now has more time to work on enhancing training initiatives and driving organisational engagement.

She said having a platform that manages and streamlines learning & development has been a game-changer. “The best thing that we’ve found about ELMO so far, which has honestly changed our lives, is the ability to set up the entire training calendar on ELMO,” she says. “All the courses are created there, people can register online, and we don’t have any manual processing!”

The L&D Officer also praised the automated notifications possible through the ELMO system. “Being able to customise the notifications and getting the system to send out reminders and calendar links is great,” she says. The organisation has also found value in ELMO’s discussion boards, which have helped to create a peer-to-peer learning community.

“Before ELMO, the organisation really lacked internal networking and the sharing of resources and ideas,” she says. “However, with the discussion boards, people can communicate online before and after training sessions and keep that conversation going. We are really enjoying the community aspect we’re able to create.”

She also rated ELMO’s customer service as “top notch”. “When we’ve had a question, the response rate has been a couple of hours, which is unheard of. They’ve gone as far as walking us through an issue by sharing their screen if I’ve had trouble,” she says.

The move to ELMO was a big decision, but for the People and Culture team and everyone at Melton City Council, it has been a huge success.