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5 warning signs that you need HR software

HR is a rapidly evolving industry, and in today’s business environment outdated HR processes are unsustainable. They can even potentially prevent an organisation from scaling up effectively. The HR function ...

5 warning signs that you need HR software

HR is a rapidly evolving industry, and in today’s business environment outdated HR processes are unsustainable. They can even potentially prevent an organisation from scaling up effectively.

The HR function – whether that’s a team or an individual – is the beating heart of any successful organisation; it is essential that employees are well-managed and feel empowered if they are to have positive experiences and perform to their optimum potential. Even more critically, compliance breaches do not discriminate; regardless of size, there are regulations that organisations must adhere to. Therefore, in order for an organisation to get the best out of its employees, remain compliant, and lessen the effects of workplace fatigue, it must take a modern approach to HR by leveraging advanced cloud-based software.

Not sure where you stand? Here are some warning signs that indicate your organisation needs HR software.

  1. Your HR team is overworked

Stress rates are sky-high, burnout is rife, and absenteeism is through the roof. Yes – these are all warning signs that your HR function is heading for trouble. Whilst fast growth is a positive sign for an organisation, it means that more responsibility falls on the shoulders of the HR team, which typically operates lean even at the best of times. Engaging prospective candidates, recruiting employees, onboarding new starters, monitoring performance, etc. can translate into an overwhelming workload, beneath which an ill-equipped HR team will buckle. This is when leveraging HR software is the logical next step, as it can automate and streamline processes to save time and resources, and therefore increase workplace productivity. To see all the potential benefits of HR automation, view our eBook: Ultimate Guide to HR Software for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs).

  1. Your onboarding process is not efficient or effective

Onboarding is a critically important process that often falls upon HR to deliver – even though it’s actually more of a company-wide concern. While it may appear to only involve a series of administrative tasks (completing inductions, reading through company policies, signing documents, etc.), it’s also when vital compliance checks must be completed. Onboarding is also when company must aim to present a good first impression and quash any doubts a new starter may have about their new role. It’s a prime opportunity to “socialise” new starters. This is important because, according to research from Bersin by Deloitte[1], the first six months is when 90% of employees will decide whether or not they will remain with their employer.

By harnessing ELMO Onboarding, your onboarding processes can be transformed into something far more efficient and effective, as all information and resources can be accessed from one dashboard. Unique employee profiles are created, which will include all relevant information for the new hire, in multimedia format. A formalised onboarding program not only makes your organisation look professional, but it empowers employees to re-design and streamline onboarding processes and ensure the right messages are being conveyed to new employees.

  1. You are experiencing a high turnover of staff

High staff turnover is costly and can damage your business’ reputation and deter top talent. Think of all that intellectual property that walks out the door when a valued employee departs! While many employees cite a poor work culture or lack of career progression as the motivator behind switching jobs, a 2018 study by the Australian HR Institute[2] found that 67% of respondents believe that management and leadership are important in retaining employees. This can relate to HR processes being time-consuming and out-of-touch, which can then result in a disengaged and unhappy workforce.

Technology plays a key role in improving the employee experience. ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll’s end-to-end HR software suite can monitor and alleviate pain points that may arise in an employee’s work life, and ensure that their experience is a positive one.

  1. You are handling data and building reports manually

Let’s face it – today, everyone is tech-savvy. Using an old-fashioned, clunky HR system – or worse, paper filing systems – to store data is perilous. All organisations, big and small, should store information digitally in order to protect data, comply with data regulations, ensure accuracy and enable easy auditing and reporting. It is both laborious and a waste of resources to input or retrieve data manually.

The same goes for building reports – if your organisation is manually pulling key data and insights to build reports, you may be wasting crucial hours.

An advanced HR software platform that is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs can automate manual and time-consuming HR tasks, in turn freeing up time to focus on what really matters – researching, building and implementing strategic initiatives.

  1. Your employees are victim to payroll errors

Payroll is a fundamental aspect of any organisation and should never be overlooked. People expect to be paid accurately on time, every time. Getting payroll wrong can be disastrous – people’s livelihoods are at stake, and if you are not paying your employees correctly you risk a very unhappy workforce. You’re also putting your organisation at risk of financial and reputational damage if employees are being underpaid. 2019 data released by the Australian Payroll Association (APA) indicates just how widespread the problem is. One in three (33%) organisations admit to making a mistake in every single monthly pay run and 21% do the same every quarter.

Double-handling of data, misunderstanding of industrial awards and entitlements, and basic human error are the root causes of most pay-related errors. All organisations will reach a tipping point where it’s simply no longer viable to manage payroll with manual spreadsheets. However, by using cloud-based HR system such as ELMO Payroll, all data is stored on one user interface, meaning “double-dipping” is not required, and data is more accessible to the people that matter so that reports can be run easily.

Rapid growth organisations are constantly chasing their tail. It’s an exciting but also daunting environment for HR to operate in. Get it right and the HR function can play a key role in turbo-charging your organisation for future growth; get it wrong and the foundational people management tasks can actually do more damage than good.

To find out how software by ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll can enhance your business operations that help to fuel your future growth, click here.


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