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Remuneration takes the pain out of your salary review process
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Pivot Software, a specialist remuneration software provider servicing the Australian and New Zealand markets for over 16 years, is now a part of  ELMO Software.


Designed, sold and supported by local HR experts, ELMO Remuneration is a best-in-class solution to help you manage the critical business process of pay reviews, which impacts employee engagement and organisational performance.


Budget Modelling and Workflow Management

Through rules-based controls, your remuneration review process will be completed on time and on budget


Bring Organisational Policies to Life

Empower your managers to make more informed and consistent decisions


Real-Time and Customised Reporting

Build your own reports, select from a library of reports or have bespoke reports created for you

Key Benefits

  • ELMO Remuneration is designed for organisations with straight-forward or complex remuneration requirements. Gain visibility of the entire process and all those involved. Identify any bottlenecks and clarity around remuneration decisions against budgets.
  • Automate processes, including the production of final letters; design workflows that drive processes effectively, aligning managers with correct procedures. ELMO Remuneration fits seamlessly into any corporate IT infrastructure and can integrate with common HRIS/payroll systems.


Streamline processes

Streamline processes

Manage complex rem structures including discretionary or complex STI/LTI plans

Rules-based automated letter production for distribution and electronic filing

Ability to operate concurrent different workflows, structure etc for different business segments
Rule-based modelling

Rule-based modelling

Rules-based controls on spend

Policy management through rules based controls

Business rules to guide managers' adherence to company policy via traffic lights
Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

Real-time standard and customised reporting for all roles

Approval and moderation controls for managers and employees with real-time budget impact reporting

Flexible organisation hierarchy and matrix based reporting lines
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Good alone, better together

ELMO Remuneration is part of the Retain suite and works great with others including the following:
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Solutions by ELMO

ELMO offers a comprehensive suite of cloud HR & payroll software solutions that can be configured to whatever your organisation requires, and are available within a single dashboard and single user interface. We can help your organisation streamline HR & payroll process to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce costs.