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We know HR leaders have a lot on their plates – that’s why technology and automation is essential to unlock greater productivity and efficiency from your existing workforce.

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All of the administrative processes we have in place are now quicker thanks to ELMO. As a sole HR manager in a 200-strong organisation, it really is like having another team member.
Emma Liston
Human Resources Manager at Lipman
Our HR and Payroll Solutions:


Improve the productivity of your HR team by automating manual processes and embedding a self-service approach for employees.

Find and hire the right talent for your business, fast – with a recruitment software solution that helps streamline all your recruitment functions.

Set new hires for success by providing the right tools, resources, information and an introduction to the team from day one.

Keep everyone on track by enabling managers to view the progress of employees through their performance cycle. Gain visibility into performance across your organisation, and identify where to take action.

Keep employee skills relevant and your business compliant, with an online learning management solution that’s equipped to meet the needs of the modern learner and your organisation.

Implement a strategic and sustainable remuneration strategy. With detailed, real-time analytics, you can easily visualise the financial implications of your remuneration policy decisions to align them with the broader business strategy.

Deliver accurate payroll with a secure cloud-based payroll software that’s configured to suit the needs of your organisation.

Centralise your employee data into one platform

Ability to provide insights from HR Data

Streamlined employee experience

Fill roles faster and reduce costs

Deliver exceptional candidate experiences

Attract and hire top talent

Reduce time-to-productivity for new starters

Streamline onboarding essentials

Track the onboarding process

Team reporting and insights

Set goals and collaborate

Mitigate turnover risks

Create a culture of learning

Powerful reporting and insights

Boost employee engagement

Budget modelling and workflow management

Bring organisational policies to life

Real-time and customised reporting

Less admin, more accuracy

Compliance with confidence

Richer, tailored reporting

Ready to unleash your HR potential?

Terms and Conditions

Your eligibility for the 20% discount on the first year’s license fee is conditional upon you:

  1. Booking a discovery call with ELMO before 15 May 2024; and
  2. Entering into a Software as a Service agreement, with an initial license term of at least 3 years with an annual license fee of at least $10,000 (ex GST), on terms and condition acceptable to both parties before 30 June 2024.