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With the global COVID-19 pandemic forcing many organisations to implement alternative working arrangements, maintaining team engagement and collaboration can be a challenge. ELMO Connect resolves these issues by offering instant messaging functionality and integration with Zoom video conferencing. This delivers rapid benefits to your workforce without needing to invest in complex and time-consuming integrations themselves.


Instantly Communicate with Colleagues

Utilise the chat functionality to strengthen collaboration between multiple users or one-on-one.


Initiate and Manage Zoom Meetings

Easily initiate Zoom meetings from ELMO and effectively manage Zoom video conferencing.


Benefit from Rapid Implementation

Leverage the ELMO database without the need to procure and integrate with third-party applications.

Key Benefits

  • Use the chat functionality to spark one-on-one or multi-user online conversations and share documents in real-time. Communicate and collaborate from the same platform where employees make leave applications, undertake their learning activities, and complete their performance appraisals
  • Start multiple Zoom meetings from within ELMO’s platform after a one-time, easy set-up. Gain reporting tools to monitor usage and maintain a record of key meetings securely, knowing ELMO is ISO27001:2013 certified


Instant Chat

Instant Chat

Use the chat functionality to spark one-on-one or multi-user online conversations

Send messages to colleagues when they are offline for them to read once online again

Send attachments to colleagues in real-time
Video conferencing via Zoom

Video conferencing via Zoom

Start Zoom meetings within the ELMO platform

End-users can authorise their Zoom account to directly initiate meetings

One-time easy set-up
Seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration

Communicate and collaborate in real-time and send attachments to colleagues

Create group channels to issue company-wide / departmental communications, and rally teams around a shared project or initiative
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