Implemented an easy to use, agile remuneration system to match a unique corporate culture

How ELMO helped Clayton UTZ


Clayton Utz is a successful people-centric law firm, operating across all major Australian cities.

With around 1,200 partners and employees, the HR team’s responsibility for supporting the firm’s people strategy is significant but ultimately rewarding – mainly due to the culture of Clayton Utz, which celebrates differences and embraces people of diverse backgrounds.

“We like people to be themselves,” says the firm’s Head of Performance and Reward.

Problems Experienced

" We needed to spend some time thinking about what our requirements were, being very purposeful about what we wanted to build."
Clayton Utz - Head of Performance and Reward at Clayton UTZ

As a firm with a strong emphasis on relationships and valuing individuals, the Head of Performance and Reward felt that previous remuneration processes did not reflect the unique culture of Clayton Utz. She was aware that more agile systems existed and recognised the opportunity to integrate them into the firm’s People and Development strategy.

Ultimately, Clayton Utz wanted to discover a more efficient way of managing the process of identifying and rewarding talent. After carefully deciding what they wanted in a new remuneration system, Clayton Utz extensively searched for the right vendor to partner with. The criteria included:

  • a comprehensive user interface
  • simple functionality
  • agile back-end
  • easy reporting and process handling

Clayton Utz’s Head of Performance and Reward found that she could connect with Pivot’s team members; she saw them as the type of people Clayton Utz could have a long-term relationship with. “I found in [Pivot CEO] Pip Youngman and the Pivot team a partner that we could work closely with as a firm. I admired their experience in the industry.”

1 Inefficient processes to identify and reward talent
2 Existing systems did not reflect the unique culture of Clayton Utz
3 A desire for a user-friendly and comprehensive interface with simple functionality
4 A need for easy reporting and process handling


BBefore implementation, Pivot’s Chief Executive, Pip Youngman, led Clayton Utz through a strategic workshop to define their current processes and map out how to simplify those processes to align with the new system. Pivot’s flexible approach was invaluable.

“Pivot challenged us to think about how we could go back and look at our processes and simplify them rather than having the system necessarily fit our processes,” says the Head of Performance and Reward. “I found that one of the most useful exercises in that very early phase, when we were trying to evaluate what exactly we wanted the system to produce.”

The Result

" The Pivot solution really ticks all the boxes. Having a totally integrated system avoids any nasty errors that can occur when you have duplication in your processes."
Clayton Utz - Head of Performance and Reward at Clayton UTZ

According to the Head of Performance and Reward, the Pivot solution “really ticks all the boxes”. Not only was the administrative work burden eased by a user-friendly and agile interface, but it allowed for greater flexibility and personalisation. For example, Clayton Utz was able to create its own remuneration letters.

Having an integrated system also resulted in a reduction in the errors and duplications that can occur with manual processes.

The Head of Performance and Reward is delighted with the outcome and is seeing real value in using the new Pivot system processes at Clayton Utz.

With the easy to use, agile system in place, the team at Clayton Utz have streamlined the administrative side of People and Development, leaving more time for connections and interactions with employees.

Implementing Pivot has also enabled the Head of Performance and Reward and her team to more accurately reflect two key components of Clayton Utz’s culture: valuing the unique contributions of individuals; and building meaningful relationships.

1 A reduction in errors due to the removal of manual processing, which has also eased the administrative work burden
2 More accurate decision-making due to the use of live data
3 A user-friendly and agile interface, which provides each user with the access they require for their role
4 More detailed compliance reporting, which allows managers to create up-to-date reports at any time